Neponset Valley Construction is the best weatherization contractor in MA and is a full service residential and commercial building, remodeling, and renovation company specializing in weatherization services. A weatherization contractor can add insulation to your attic, wall and floors and can insulate your air ducts and water pipes. We also specialize in installing ENERGYSTAR rated windows and doors.

Our weatherization and insulation services will reduce your energy bills, increase your comfort and possibly help you take advantage of national and local weatherization rebates and credits.

High energy bills, drafts and rooms that are too hot or cold are all common issues for homeowners. Additional problems like ice dams, mold, or infestation can also be symptoms of a home that is not energy efficient.

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Weatherization Services and Air Sealing

Energy loss through your homes building envelope could be costing you up to 25% more on your energy bills. A weatherization contractor can help you drastically decrease energy loss through the following products and services:

  • Weatherstripping doors and windows.
  • Sealing openings to the outside.
  • Duct sealing and insulation.
  • Installing ENERGYSTAR rated vinyl replacement windows.

We also offer blower door testing that helps to pinpoint and quantify areas of air loss and infiltration.

We offer blown in cellulose insulation for attics, ceilings, walls, garage ceilings, and floor overhangs. We utilize blown in cellulose insulation to ensure no settling and complete filling around obstructions, cracks, seams, and openings. Fiberglass insulation cannot duplicate this.

Cellulose insulation is the preferred insulation as it provides for greater R-value (higher thermal resistance) per inch, is class 1 fire rated, a mold inhibitor and insect repellent that completely fills around obstructions offering maximum efficiency and fast return.

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