Split Shake Siding Contractor MA

  • Recreates the natural look and variety of styles that cedar shakes and shingles offer.
  • Virtually maintenance free siding with a large selection of colors.
  • Our vinyl siding services offer split shake siding that is recognized for being environmentally friendly.
  • Sturdy vinyl that will protect your house from extreme weather.
  • Split shake siding contractor in MA offering a variety of colors ranging from light to dark shades.

Split shake siding mimics natural cedar shakes and shingles, redone with modern technology. Nep0nset Valley Construction provides the highest quality and most visually appealing siding to your home. An unequivocal architectural design that will set your home apart. With a multitude of colors and shades an MA split shake roofing contractor can create exactly the siding you have envisioned. Vinyl sides never require paint so it is virtually maintenance free. Tested to stand up to New England weathers makes split shakes siding a reliable, sturdy siding option. Our trained and certified employees will guide you through every step of the process of new or repair siding. An MA split shake siding contractor can recreate the charming look of century-old siding style combined with modern quality. Make your house into something extraordinary with Neponset Valley Construction siding.

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