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  • Beautiful, iconic slate breaks into shingle-pieces for a natural look
  • Historic, rustic appearance is traditional to New England
  • Slate is naturally insulating and resistant to weather conditions
  • With the top slate roof contractor in MA, homeowners can enjoy a beautiful slate roof that will outlast weather when properly installed
  • Authentic slate appearance that adds character to any home

For your next roofing project, rest assured with Neponset Valley Construction roofers. Neponset Valley Construction’s slate roofers have the following certifications: select shingle applicators, quality masters, and master shingle application wizard. Our roofers achieved these certifications through extensive training, and therefore they will ensure a quality job done right the first time. There is much so more to installing a roof than just shingles and nails, especially for slate roof installation.

Since we are the top-rated slate roofing contractor in MA, we pride ourselves on the best practices of inspecting and installing the best ventilation your house will require. Upon installation of your slate roof, if necessary we will repaint your chimney and/or replace damaged/rotted wood found upon inspection of the roof as part of the roofing process. Furthermore, we provide ice and water barriers around the perimeter of the house upon request, to prevent the formation of damaging ice dams. Choose top quality slate roofing in MA to make sure your slate roof job is done correctly and lasts.

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