Today’s home buyers are looking for maintenance-free siding. As a homeowner, your options have dramatically improved over the past decade. Neponset Valley Construction is the premier siding contractor in MA and will professionally install vinyl siding, cedar siding, smart siding, or fiber cement products to give your home a unique character and undeniable appeal for years to come. We represent the very best in Certainteed (rated # 1 in brand use by consumers) and JamesHardie plank products. Allow us to show you a better siding alternative.

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Vinyl Siding

Today, vinyl siding is the number one choice of exterior cladding across the country. U.S. Census Bureau statistics show twice as many homeowners side their homes with vinyl than with any other material. Vinyl siding features hundreds of trim and accent options with new profile styles. And now there is a broad spectrum of colors that enhance the aesthetics of any neighborhood.


While traditional pastel and earthy color Siding Contractor MAoptions are still available, today’s vinyl siding offers an array of darker color combinations including bold, rich tones like barn reds, sage greens, deep blues and more. Nearly 300 different colors are certified to meet the ASTM standards for vinyl siding color retention, so you can be sure the shades you select will resist major color changes in a variety of climates.


Of course exterior cladding has to look good for today’s discerning homeowners, but it also has a vitally important job to perform—protecting a home from the elements. With the ability to withstand high winds (certified up to 110 mph or higher) and a composition that resists heat, cold and moisture, vinyl siding retains its great looks over time. And vinyl siding never needs paint—ever! The only maintenance it will need is a simple wash with a soft cloth and garden hose to keep it looking great, a feature today’s strapped-for-time homeowners really appreciate!


The value-added advantages of vinyl siding include its low total installed cost—lower than all other materials because vinyl siding goes up faster and doesn’t need painting. Neponset Valley Construction is an expert vinyl siding contractor and will use experience to install the perfect siding for your home.


Vinyl siding has the widest array of profile offerings of any other cladding material, including:

  • Horizontal and vertical panels
  • Shakes, scallops, shingles and fishscales
  • Traditional lap
  • Dutch lap
  • Beaded designs in various profile widths


Contrary to a common misperception, today’s vinyl siding is being recognized for its environmentally friendly benefits. When evaluated on attributes such as global warming impact, environmental performance, economic performance, transportation issues, recyclability, resource and manufacturing efficiency and durability, vinyl siding is concluded to be a sustainable product that leaves a small environmental footprint.

Throughout the manufacturing process, on the home and even after it has fulfilled its useful life, vinyl siding scores well on tough environmental tests. And, green building experts have recognized vinyl siding’s value.

Choose From Some The Following Vinyl Styles

Cedar Impressions Siding Contractor

Offers natural looking cedar shingle siding without the expense and heavy maintenance of wood.

Split Shakes Siding Contractor

Faithfully recreates the natural and variable patterns of cedar shakes and shingles.

Cedar Boards Siding Contractor

Insulated siding that provides the added strength and thermal benefit of rigid insulation with easy maintenance.

Classic Siding Contractor

Provides the premium features that make it a great choice for new construction and remodeling.

Wolverine Restoration Smooth Siding Contractor

Designed in the tradition of 17th century American craftsmanship.

Board & Batten Siding Contractor

Vertical siding that recreates the historicSiding Contractor MA charm and rustic cedar look of a centuries-old siding style originally applied to log-built homes, barns and other early American structures

Look around. You’ll soon discover why America sides with vinyl at a rate nearly double that of any other exterior cladding material.

Fiber Cement Siding Contractor

For homeowners that want the look of wood but don’t want the hassles and costs associated with it, fiber cement siding may be a satisfactory alternative. Fiber cement building products are attractive. You can choose from a variety of clapboard siding styles that have embossed wood grained texture or smooth finish. The siding products come in a multitude of widths that will permit you to have clapboard exposures ranging from 4 inches up to nearly 11 inches.

Fiber cement siding products represent some of the most exciting exterior products available to homeowners today and are:

  • Rot, water and termite resistant.
  • Able to paint this product if you wish to change the color of your home.
  • A long-lasting alternative to typical exterior wall cladding.
  • Excellent weathering characteristics—strength and impact resistant.
  • Available in stucco panels with a smooth, stucco or vertical groove appearance.

The cost of fiber cement siding is more than vinyl and less than stucco and wood siding, making it an affordable and durable product. Hardinlank siding is backed by a 15-year paint warranty as long as it remains the original color when purchases.

Wood Shingles Siding Contractor

Wood shingles have a special warmth and elegance to them and a classic architectural look that speaks of taste, quality and timelessness. No other cladding formula rivals its weather-defying protection and insulation that ensures your investment will last and last. Pre-stain shingles come in solid colors and semitransparent stains.

Key Benefits:

  • Holds stains well.
  • No resin bleeding through the stain.


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