How do ice dams develop?

Ice dams develop on the eaves or edges of roofs when melted snow refreezes there. Heat rises to the attic and escapes through the roof if there is poor quality insulation. This causes snow to
melt on the roof, allowing it to slide down to the overhang of the roof. The overhang tends to be the same temperature as the outside. Then the melted snow refreezes, creating an ice dam. Ice dams can form from as little as one to two inches of snow. Learn more about ice dams.

How do ice dams cause roof damage?

Once an ice dam has formed, more snow may melt on the roof but the runoff will be trapped by the ice dam. This can lead to leaks in the roof, which leads to damaged ceilings and damaged insulation. The costs of roof repair from ice dam damage can become very expensive, very quickly. It’s best to take preventative measures, like installing an ice and water shield.

ice and water shield natick ma


How can an ice and water shield help?

Neponset Valley Construction installed the ice and water shield above in Natick MA. An ice and water shield stops water from leaking through your roof and insulation. The ice and water shield is made of a rubberized asphalt mixture that adheres easily to wood and stops any water from seeping in. Ice and water shields work better than traditional felt paper, and can prevent leaks from damaging your roof. As the top-rated weatherization contractor in MA, Neponset Valley Construction has years of experience in preparing roofs for winter and installing ice and water shields. Call Neponset Valley Construction today to install an ice and water shield and rest easy this winter.

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