Neponset Valley Construction’s exterior and roofing division, All Pro Roofing has made a commitment to use a superior product when installing all roofs. Brian Kearney, the President and CEO of Neponset Valley Construction says, “People don’t know the difference in materials when it comes to roofing supplies. I’ve found a superior product to what most roofing companies use and we’re going to be installing it, instead of the old material, without charging the consumer more. This is just one way we’re differentiating ourselves in the marketplace.”

Historically, roofing companies use 30# felt as an underlay when placing asphalt tiles on roofs. The All Pro Roofing Team at Neponset Valley Construction is using a new product called Surround Underlayment. Surround is 10 times stronger than 30# felt. It won’t tear or blow off. It’s drier and lighter than felt and allows for faster installation due to its preprinted nail pattern. Brian says, “Consumers unfortunately don’t know how to compare apples to apples when they get a roof quote. The All Pro Team is educating them one at a time, and this new material we’re providing is one way that we can provide a superior product at the same price as other quotes.”

The All Pro Roofing Team at Neponset Valley Construction was formed because Brian believes that homeowners deserve specialists when it comes to work they get done on their homes. Finding and integrating superior products is one way that his specialty teams serve the clients, in addition to knowing all facets of the specific job they are hired to do.

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