Neponset Valley Construction continues to set itself apart from the competition by specializing in spray foam, the latest green roofing and insulation technology in the construction industry.

Spray Foam is a relatively new product that not many construction companies offer. The lightweight, durable and long lasting foam allows better waterproofing/leak prevention and insulation value than other more common roofing products. In addition, there is no need to remove the old roofing material before application, thereby saving the time with installation, money (as there is no need for rubbish removal charges) and the environment.

Spray foam is unique because it can easily be pumped in between walls and inside roofs and without running the risk of expansion. In the past, other similar foams have caused damage, like broken walls, because once they dry they also expand.

Brian Kearney, CEO of Neponset Valley Construction says, “With spray foam, we offer our customers a cost efficient product that is environmentally friendly. Spray foam is a great weatherization tool and allows us to insulate a structure without being invasive.”

“We’re thrilled to be one of only a few installers in New England,” Kearney continues. “We will be installing this product anywhere it makes sense for the client. Large municipal and commercial buildings, and homes built before 1990 are the best candidates for this product because the cost savings and energy efficiency is significant.”

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Contact: Lucia Scott
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