Neponset Valley Construction has been working round the clock to help homeowners deal with damage caused by ice dams.

“It’s been a few years since we’ve had weather like this in the Northeast and so many homeowners are plagued with heavy ice dams that are ruining their roofs and causing damage to their homes. Because we are seeing one storm after another, homeowners are not getting any reprieve and damage is at an all time high,” says owner, Brian Kearney.

As a result, Brian’s company has created three full time crews that are devoted to helping homeowners remove the ice dams and find solutions to prevent new ones from forming.

If you’ve got icicles hanging from your roof, you’ve got ice dams and they’re caused by improper ventilation. Untreated, they can cause roof damage and even leaks in the house which can cause mold and a myriad of other problems.

“People don’t understand that ice dams form because of an insulation and heat loss issue, so to prevent future damage, a lot of times insulation is the key. We’ve been in the industry long enough to have the tools, resources and knowledge to address these issues.” Brian says.

Neponset Valley Constructions’ General Manager, Gavin Miles adds, “We’re trying to get to everyone that calls as soon as possible and are adding crews to meet the demand. Unfortunately, the longer you wait to address the ice dams the more damage occurs, so we’re doing everything we can to assist the homeowners as fast as possible.”

Homeowners can attempt to remove them on their own, but often times can damage their roofs and risk injuring themselves if they aren’t careful. Brian cautions, “Be careful if you’re going to tackle the issue on your own. We’re insured and have an exteriors division that has been dealing with this issue for years.”

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