What is an ice dam?

Ice dams are formed when the heat from a home escapes at the edges of a roof and causes the snow to melt and then refreeze, creating a dam of ice. Ice dams prevent snow from melting and running off the roof. Instead, water is trapped and freezes, leading to a buildup of ice and icicles. This can cause leaks, roof damage, and even damage to the interior insulation. If even an inch of snow falls on a roof, and the next few days have sub-freezing temperatures, an ice dam can form. Ice dams can cause significant damage to homes and result in expensive repairs for homeowners.

ice and water shield

How can an ice and water shield help protect your home?

Ice and water shields can prevent damage caused by ice dams by protecting your home from leaks. As the top rated roofing contractor in MA, Neponset Valley Construction can help you avoid damage from ice dams by selecting the appropriate size ice and water shield for your roof. Call today for a free estimate on an ice and water shield installation, and spend the rest of the winter worry-free!

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