Massachusetts motorists might feel like they can only wish for replacement of the awkward intersection of routes 93 and 95 in Canton with something more sensible, but Canton residents wishing for roof replacement can count on Neponset Valley Construction to get the job done.

As seasoned roofers, NVC works with all kinds of roofing materials. By far the most popular type of roofing material in this area is architectural asphalt shingles. Not all architectural asphalt shingles are created equally, however. When you’re investing the time and money required for completely replacing your roof, choosing a high quality roofing shingle only makes sense.

High end GAF architectural asphalt roofing comes with a lifetime warranty, ensuring that your roof replacement is an investment in your home that will last. Beyond durability, the aesthetic options for asphalt shingles have improved tremendously over the years. Choosing the perfect color for your newly replaced roof is not just possible, but easy – no matter what the rest of your home’s exterior looks like.

Roof replacement is thorough and efficient. On this 80 degree day in Canton, MA our experienced roofers started the job by removing the existing shingles down to the substrate. After entirely stripping the roof, we inspected the condition of the substrate to ensure that any damage was repaired before installing the new roof. Before installing the new GAF roofing shingles, we installed a six foot ice and water barrier, securing all leading edges of the roof, all valleys, and all roof penetrations.

Next, NVC’s professional roofing crew installed a synthetic underlayment to the entire area of the roof, overlapping the ice and water barrier by six inches. We installed 8” white drip edges to all eaves, ground out the existing chimney flashing and installed new chimney flashing with mortar. We installed ridge vents along all ridges and soffit vents where applicable.

And of course, to finish the roof replacement, we installed beautiful and durable high quality architectural asphalt shingles made by GAF Roofing, America’s #1 brand. Though the temperature hit a humid 80 Massachusetts degrees that day, the Neponset Valley Construction roofing crew was unphased. As established, professional roofers used to working in Massachusetts all year round, we weren’t going to let a little summa’ heat get in the way of this roof replacement project. Nor were we going to let up on the relentless attention to detail that separates NVC from other roofing contractors: obtaining all necessary permits from Canton, maintaining a clean job site, thoroughly cleaning up and removing all waste when the roof was finished, clearly communicating with the homeowner before, during, and after the project, and making sure this roof replacement job was performed to the highest quality standards.