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Here are some advantages to using fabric reinforced roof systems in MA:

  • Roof coatings systems are Energy Star Rated – which means there may be rebates and incentives available after install.
  • The coating reflects the sun, which helps keep the roof cooler and helps with energy efficiency in the summer months.
  • They are sustainable and you will never have to remove your old roof.
  • The coating and fabric seals existing seams which creates a waterproof barrier, which prevents leaks.
  • The fabric reinforcement creates a stronger roof than conventional roof products such as asphalt and rubber.
  • You are safe with a manufacturer’s warranty on products and labor.

More and more building owners recognize the tremendous advantages white, acrylic roof systems have over traditional darker roofs.  Neponset Valley Construction, the top fabric reinforced roof systems contractor in MA, can help you save money with roof coating systems. These fabric reinforced roofing systems can save money and conserve energy. Our certified commercial roofing employees are capable and experienced in roofing any building. Our staff have all attended numerous classes and passed testing to achieve their certifications.

Instead of replacing your roof, consider using a roof coating system. Roof systems are a low cost alternative to roof replacements.

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