cedar shakeThere is a group of homeowners who really like the old, rustic appeal that a cedar roof can provide. While most people will opt for a traditional tile or asphalt roof, others will gravitate to a cedar shake or shingle.  But what’s the difference?

Let’s start with the core material: cedar.  Cedar won’t take the beating that Mother Nature can dish out quite like an asphalt or tile roof.  Cedar will require a bit more maintenance over the life of the roof.  But if it’s the rustic appeal you’re after, then cedar is the way to go.

Cedar shakes and shingles share the same base material but the similarities really end there.  Cedar shingles are milled with more precision than cedar shakes.  Shakes will have an irregular pattern when laid end to end on a roof.  Cedar shingles will have a much more uniform appearance.

Cedar shingles are cut with a saw and cut smooth on both sides of the shingle.  They have a tailored appearance and are also cut tapered.

Cedar shakes are sawn on one side and split with the outward facing side showing the split.  This split look is what gives shakes a very rustic appearance.  One end of the shake is cut at an angle so one end is thicker than the other.

Cedar shakes are irregular in shape.  They won’t lay flat when installed and create gaps between the shakes which can be caught up in gusts of wind or penetrated by hail, snow or rain.  Because this gap, a layer of felt paper is required during installation.  This paper will assist in keeping out the moisture and provides an additional layer of protection on your roof.

Since cedar shingles are cut with precision, they will lay flat on the roof and not require any addition layers of protection like felt paper.  Instead, they are typically layered three shingles thick and provide a nice layer of protection from the elements.

Choosing a quality roofing material is often done by consulting your local roofing company.  If you have any questions on cedar or any other roofing materials please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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