As a roofing contractor in the South Shore, we have extensive experience working with cedar roofing and cedar siding, as this is a common feature of homes in the area. Our expertise with cedar shingles and our track record of performing very high quality work on cedar roofing projects in Hull, MA and in surrounding towns is likely what led to this customer selecting us for their cedar shingle replacement project.

While composite shingle material was considered, our customer ultimately decided to use red cedar shingles in keeping with the original look of their beach house. We used fire-resistant red cedar shingles in compliance with modern standards and codes without compromising whatsoever on the look of their roof.

After stripping away the existing roof, we took care to install an ice and water shield to prevent ice dams, and we used modern spacing materials to allow the cedar to breathe. This method will result in maximum longevity of the cedar shingles. When compared to – for example – directly applying the cedar shingles to plywood which doesn’t allow the cedar to breathe, this roof will last a very long time.

If you have a home with a cedar roof on the South Shore or somewhere else, we’d be happy to discuss your cedar roofing needs and we’re confident that we can provide you with a competitive estimate and perform your cedar roofing replacement or repair with the highest quality standards.

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