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  • Neponset Valley Construction is a cedar shake roofing contractor in MA that offers a timeless appearance to any architectural style roof, from traditional to contemporary.
  • With custom copper trim – Western red cedar is among the largest and finest of the cedars grown anywhere in the world.
  • This wood is exceptionally lightweight and has a soft texture and a close, even, straight grain.
  • The wood contains natural preservative oil, which renders it highly resistant to decay.

For your satisfaction, Neponset Valley Construction cedar shake roofing employees hold certifications for select shingle applicators, quality masters, and master shingle application wizard. These certifications mean that our roofing services come with the most in-depth knowledge to ensure a quality job done right the first time. Our employees have attended classes and passed extensive testing to achieve these certifications. Call the most trusted MA cedar shake roofing contractor with your roofing project today at (781-762-1102).

Our best practices include inspecting and installing the best ventilation your house will require for the project. Our roofing services include repainting your chimney if necessary, and replacing damaged or rotted wood found on your roof. We also install ice and water barriers around the perimeter of your house for safety purposes. Neponset Valley Construction is the best cedar shake roofing contractor in MA and will make sure the job is done correctly and is long lasting for you and your family.

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