As the leading roofer in Needham, MA, Neponset Valley Construction was recently hired to install a new roof on a home in Needham.  The homeowners were looking to upgrade their old roof.  Neponset Valley Construction’s expert team installed new architectural shingle roofing, giving the home a completely new appearance and greatly increasing the beauty and value of the home.

Architectural Shingles vs. Traditional 3-tab Shingles

The old roof was a traditional 3-tab shingle roof. 3-Tab shingles are basic asphalt shingles that have an average life of 12-15 years. They are the most popular type of roofing as they are the lowest price material, but 3-Tab shingles lack the textured appearance of higher quality roofing materials. 3-Tab shingles give the roof a flatter appearance as compared to other roofing options.
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The Needham homeowners wanted their home to have an upscale appearance, with depth and texture similar to higher-end roofing options such as cedar shake roofing and slate roofing.  Neponset Valley Construction suggested the homeowners select architectural shingle roofing.  Architectural shingles are thicker shingles that add three-dimensional depth to a roof, giving it character and a far more appealing appearance.  Beyond being more aesthetically pleasing, architectural shingles are higher quality providing a significantly longer average life and a superior warranty.

In spite of the benefits of architectural shingle roofing, price was relevant.  How much more would the superior solution cost? Overall, the pricing ends up being the same. While architectural shingles cost more, it is more expensive to install 3-Tab shingles because they take longer.  The 3-Tab material is less expensive than architectural shingles, but the the price ends up being the same because architectural shingles take less time to install. For the same price, the Needham family got the look they wanted from a longer-lasting roofing material, ultimately saving them money.

Which brand and style was selected?  Neponset Valley Construction used GAF Timberline Natural Shadow shingles which provide a natural wood-shake look.  The homeowner ended up with the value and performance of long-lasting architectural shingles and a lifetime limited warranty from GAF.

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The option of architectural shingles provided the perfect balance for the homeowner, with the visual appeal of texture and depth as well as enhanced durability at a great value. As the leading roofer in MA, Neponset Valley Construction was able to provide the perfect solution for their customers, a cost-effective solution that gave the family exactly what they were looking for and greatly increased the value of their home.

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