cedar sidingCedar siding provides a Massachusetts home with many benefits, such as an appealing exterior, protection from harsh weather elements, increased value, durability and it’s environmentally friendly. Cedar siding is a great choice for your Massachusetts home, and here’s why:

Appealing Look

Cedar siding comes in a variety of finishes and types to match your home and style. You have the option of using untreated cedar siding, which gives your home a rustic, original look. Untreated cedar does not last as long as treated cedar, so it’s a good idea to apply a clear finish for those who want that rustic look. You also have the option of painting the cedar, but be prepared to refinish or repaint every four to five years. Additionally, cedar comes in a variety of patterns to give your home a unique and beautiful look.


Cedar siding stands up to problems such as splitting, swelling and bending. Unlike other wood siding, cedar siding naturally resists against rot and moisture. We do however, recommend covering your cedar siding in MA with a protective layer of finish to get the most life out of your siding.

Excellent Insulator

Cedar siding is perfect for Massachusetts homes because of the superior insulation it provides. Cedar siding prevents the loss of warm air during those tough winter days we experience and keeps the cool air in during the summer. Additionally, cedar siding will protect the structure of your home from excessive heat and water, which reduces the chances of internal structure issues.

Friendly to the Environment

Unlike other wood options, cedar siding requires minimal processing and treatment. Once the life of cedar siding has come to an end, it is completely biodegradable.

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