Room Additions

A well-planned room addition can enhance the style of your home as well as provide newfound space, comfort and livability. There are many reasons for adding living space to your home. Perhaps your growing family needs another bedroom or bathroom. Maybe you are starting a business and need a home office. Or maybe your spouse has been dreaming of a beautiful new kitchen. Whatever the reason, an addition to your home may solve your living space requirements. As you plan your addition project, it is important to ensure that the construction of your room is safe, meets state and local laws and is carefully estimated to fit within your budget.

Adding on to a house can be disruptive to your life, your household operations, your personal finances and your family relationships. But the design and construction process can also be exciting and gratifying as you see your plans come to fruition! Furthermore, you may realize substantial savings by building a room addition instead of relocating and incurring real estate transaction costs.

Neponset Valley Construction can manage the entire process from design and through the construction phase. Let us show you how we can make the process less stressful


Add convenience and style with elaborately designed and practically priced garage additions. A garage not only serves as a place to protect your car(s) from the elements, but somewhere to store tools, sports equipment, and boxes of junk that you just can’t seem to part with. It can also provide a space to work on various projects – anything from pottery to potting plants to repairing and restoring cars.

A dual-purpose garage doesn’t have to be huge, if you plan well. You can store skis, garden tools, lumber and the like up in a loft. The key is to anticipate your needs and give yourself a bit of extra room to move around once you’ve accommodated them.

Neponset Valley Construction can help you design a basic garage, make working drawings and even obtain the necessary permits. But more importantly, NVC will coordinate the various phases of the project, and bring in appropriate specialists at the right times. Contact us for more information.


If you have a small budget but want to de-clutter an area of your home, small additions can work miracles. Putting in a dormer or two is a great and relatively inexpensive way to add living space, light, and air to a dark, cramped upstairs room. Be sure to talk with us about blending the new dormer so that it fits in seamlessly with your home’s current design.

Second Story Additions

Second story additions are good for people who want to expand their space but have small lots. In this situation, going up is most likely the best alternative. Before building up, you’ll need to check with your town’s zoning and planning offices to be sure your addition doesn’t violate any height rules and you’ll also need to consult with an architect to make sure your walls and foundation can support the addition.


When designing a second-story addition, you never want it to look like it wasn’t part of the original architectural intention, from both outside and inside.


Does the existing house meet structural needs to carry the load of second story? Through proper analysis and examination this can be determined. However, the existing structure will never determine the final outcome. Neponset Valley Construction can make the original house strong enough structurally to do what needs to be done, such as underpinning the foundation, adding structural components to the existing framing or building a knee wall around the perimeter and putting full-span a beam above the existing dwelling – and then build from there.


Make sure you check zoning laws before you even get close to beginning. What about rernodelino your attic? Many treasures can be found in the attic – and not just old family heirlooms either. Some fortunate people are discovering much needed living space! In many cases, an attic remodel can be easier and cheaper than building a home addition or moving.

Utilizing your attic expands the living space in your home. Here are some of the uses that homeowners have remodeled their attics for:

  • Family rooms
  • Children bedrooms
  • Master bedroom and master bathroom
  • Loft style studio space
  • Office
  • Home gym
  • Rental income as an apartment complete with a kitchen

Contact us and our staff can walk you through all the details needed to make your dream come true.

Basement Conversions

Basement remodeling is a great investment. Transforming an undecorated basement into a stylish living space is not as difficult as some may think. In fact, with a few inexpensive interior designs techniques, you can have your basements shining in no time.

While they are a wonderful addition to a home for casual living, you never want to feel like you’re entering a basement. There are techniques that can ensure that when you’re in that space you feel you’re in a real living environment. From proper use of natural light and lighting — things that fool the eye — to sound (quality of sound in an unfinished basement is different) and heat, you can achieve all other comforts and integrity of a ‘normal’ living environment.

Our philosophy is that a finished basement should be an extension, or even a continuation, of the main living area of your home. There should be a seamless transition into the basement, with the objective of maximizing use of the newly created space, based on the functional needs as defined by our clients.

Further, a good finished product is the result of careful planning, and most importantly, meticulous execution of a good design by qualified, competent craftsnen under the direction of experienced supervision. Contact us now and let the staff at Neponset Valley Construction show you how your basement came become a room to enjoy.