fiberglass insulationHomes that have not been built with special attention towards energy efficiency will likely benefit from adding insulation to the home. Adding insulation to your MA home will reduce energy costs by lowering the amount of heat and air-conditioning needed.

A properly insulated home is an element you can’t go without. Insulation in your home is required to help regulate air flow inside and keep the temperature in your home consistent. Homeowners will need to replace or add insulation to their home from time to time in order for the insulation to maintain proper function. Unlike your roof where you have a timeline to follow, insulation doesn’t have a set time where it should be replaced. Instead, there are signs that will help point you in the right direction.

Below are signs that it may be time to add or replace your insulation:

Sign #1 – Increase in your heating bills

If you have noticed your heating bills increasing each month, it may be the fault of your insulation. A good way to find out is having an energy audit conducted. There may be other reasons your heating bills are rising, so don’t jump the gun with new insulation right away.

Sign #2 – Fluctuating temperatures

Properly installed insulation will work effectively to help keep the temperatures in your home consistent. Fluctuating temperatures in a home can be very uncomfortable, especially if the temperatures are very hot or cold outside.

Sign #3 – Experiencing drafts

Feeling a little drafty in your home? If all your windows and doors are closed and you feel a draft coming through, it may be time to replace your insulation. This could also be an issue do to your windows, so it’s always save to get an energy audit first.

Sign #4 – Old age

Even if you are not experiencing any of the above signs, old insulation needs to be replaced. A good sign of insulation that’s aged is if it feels stiff and it crumbles in your hand. Wear a glove and feel for stiffness and crumbling of the insulation. Make sure you go to different parts of your home.

Sign #5 – Flooding

If you have experienced a lot of basement floods from heavy rainfall or rapid snow melting, your insulation likely got wet, too. Leaving insulation that got wet can lead to a mold problem in the future.

Sign #6 – Infestation

Wildlife and insects like to camp out in insulation. If you’ve had troubles with infestation and the animals or insects are gone, it doesn’t mean the problem is. Insulation could have insect eggs that were left behind.

If your MA home is in need of an insulation check, contact Neponset Valley Construction for a free energy audit. We offer the latest green insulation technology for those wanting an environmentally friendly option.

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